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Parker Baby Co.

Parker Baby Co., Diaper Caddy

Parker Baby Co., Diaper Caddy

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Color: GRAY
You change a lot of diapers - and it's important to keep your routine organized and flexible!

Our Felt Diaper Caddy is the perfect nursery accessory for diaper organization. Ideal for changing table organization, pumping supplies, and organizing your baby's books or toys - you won't want to tackle parenthood without it! We designed our Felt Diaper Caddy with durable felt that folds, collapses, and won't show wear and tear - keeping you flexible and organized no matter where you are. Our Felt Diaper Caddy features:

  • A removable insert to maximize versatility
  • 8 Exterior pockets (a place for everything you need)
  • A tasteful, neutral design that will compliment your nursery perfectly

The Felt Diaper Caddy simplifies your routine and keeps you flexible. Designed to organize any area of your life, you'll never run out of uses for it! Store diapers, wipes, cream, and baby accessories inside for the perfect changing station organization. Stock craft supplies for a craft caddy, or organize your child's books and toys to keep their nursery clean. Carry pumping supplies inside for a practical nursing caddy. You can even bring your caddy into your car to store snacks, extra outfits, and changing supplies for a car caddy you will use every day.

We've even seen moms use our caddy as a gift basket for adorable baby shower gifts - simply tuck baby supplies inside one of our caddies with some tissue paper for the perfect gift any new parent would love! Designed in 3 different neutral, tasteful colors, our caddies compliment any nursery and blend into any environment.

You deserve baby products that make your life easier as a wonderful parent, so you can enjoy more precious memories with your little one. Our Felt Diaper Caddy will simplify your routine, keep you organized, and add a touch of style to any space. Simplify your life and get this Diaper Caddy!
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