Thursday Hair Day

Short Hair Don't Care

Just because you have short hair doesn't mean you're limited to the ways you can style your hair. There are so many possibilities, so if you're thinking about cutting your hair, you definitely should. It can be a totally refreshing change if you're ready for a new look. It can be daunting trying to figure out how to style hair, but luckily there are many tutorials at your disposal. Here are 5 cute hairstyles for short hair with instructions on how to do them!

1. Jay Bee's World has an Easy Side Braid tutorial for short bobs. She mentions that it's perfect for keeping stray hairs out of your face in windy weather and holds nicely with short hair. Not to mention it looks adorable with a bob!

2. Messy buns are perfect for second day hair. And the buns actually hold better with the texture of wavy, second day hair. But the look can still be accomplished with fresh hair; just add some quick curls and spritz of hairspray. Ma Nouvelle Mode has a great  video tutorial for short messy buns, so check it out!

3. This easy twisted updo from A Blossoming Life is a super cute updo for everyday wear, or even for a night out. She includes written instructions on how to create this adorable look.

4. Wavy hair can really add that extra bounce to your short hair. They don't have to be springy curls; loose waves are all you need. Keiko Lynn gives a fantastic tutorial with clear pictures for getting wavy hair. She has a lot of other great tutorials on her blog so check it out!

5. I love braids, but they can be seemingly difficult to do with short hair. That's not the case! Here's a cute waterfall braid bun tutorial for short hair from Oh the Lovely Things.

Beachy Waves

A Beautiful Mess is a great blog not only for beauty, but for decor and recipes too! Today, I'd like to feature their hair tutorial for beachy waves. It's a great, quick style that can be worn for almost any occasion. All you need is a flat iron and minimal hair products. They include great pictures with written instructions to help you accomplish this easy look.



1. Part your hair into three sections. If you have thicker hair or lots of layers, part it into four or five sections.

2. Begin curling each section at a time. To do so, start at the highest point you want curled (I started about five inches from the bottom) clasp it to your hair and curl your hand outwards as if you're turning a door knob. Once you've turned your hand as far as possible, release.

3. Then, return the straightener at the end of where you just released and repeat the process.

4. Curl each section into one large curl so that you end up having 3-5 curls all together.

5. Next, gently run your fingers through your hair, separating the curls.

Wrapped Side Ponytail Tutorial

Jenny Strebe has a great hair blog, Confessions of a Hairstylist, where she teaches you how to do different hairstyles, and even has YouTube tutorials too! She includes step-by-step pictures that are really clear and easy to understand.

I love this side ponytail tutorial. It's simple and can be worn casually everyday, or you can even make it dressy by adding curls or fancy hair clips.

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