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It can be tricky figuring out how to do your makeup so that it’s appropriate for the office. You want to look good, but you don’t want to overdo it either. Depending on where you work, the amount of makeup you can/should wear can vary, but here are some basic tips that you can’t go wrong with.

1. You want your makeup to last. The last thing you want to do is constantly run to the bathroom to retouch your makeup. You want to be able to focus on your work, not worry about whether or not your eyeliner is smeared. Pick a good foundation that suits your skin, keep the eyeliner light, and invest in some long-lasting lipstick.


2. Pick a foundation that’s fit for your skin type. Personally, I love oil-free mineral foundation. Everyday Minerals is my favorite--it's not crazy expensive, it's all-natural, and all of their products really give that flawless finish without looking fake. For the office, you'd want to avoid full-coverage because it can look too cakey and unnatural.

If you're skin is oily, shoot for a powder (pressed or loose) or liquid foundation that's oil-free that will give you a matte finish. Stay away from cream foundations as those are the thickest and heaviest foundations.

Revlon ColorStay, $13

For dry skin, liquid and cream foundations work best. I am a fan of tinted moisturizers. They work well as a base before applying powered foundation if your skin is dry. They cover blemishes really well and, most importantly, keep your skin moisturized.

CoverGirl Smoothers BB Cream, $8


3. Mascara is a must. If you're running late and need to skimp on the makeup, at least throw on a couple coats of mascara. It's amazing what just mascara can do. It opens up your eyes and makes you look generally more awake. Especially if you wear glasses, you cannot forget the mascara. It will help your eyes pop and stand up under those lenses. Sometimes I just do foundation and mascara, and I'm out the door in no time. It's really refreshing to just have the tiniest bit of makeup on; don't be shy, you're still gonna look great!


4. Keep the eyeshadow neural. There's a time and place for the smokey eye look, and the office is not that place. Stick to beige and brown shades for a more natural look. You want people to listen to what you have to say at work, not focus on your colorful eye makeup. To make the eyeshadow last all day and to prevent smudging, use a primer before applying the eyeshadow.


NYX Eye Shadow Base, $7

CoverGirl Eyeshadow Kit









5. Pick a long-lasting lipstick. Lipstick is the aspect of makeup that is most frequently touched up. When you're working all day, you definitely don't want to take time out of your busy day to re-apply lipstick after drinking or eating. Avoid lip gloss or glittery/shimmery lip shines. Not only is it not quite appropriate for work, it is likely to come off after your first sip of coffee. I really like lip stains because they can withstand drinking, eating, and even a sweaty work out. With the color, you can be a little more bold with it. You can't go wrong with shades of pink or red. Find a color that compliments your skin well and it'll help you look fantastic in the office.



6. Eyeliner. I prefer to use gel eyeliners--I've found that they don't smear as easily as liquid eyeliners. Eyeliner can enhance your features without using a ton of it. Again, there's a time and a place for the heavy-smokey-eye-cat eyeliner makeup. But for the office, you want to keep it very minimal. I really like a thin line on the upper lid and white pencil liner on the bottom waterline. The white liner makes your eyes look brighter and bigger.



In general, keep your work makeup simple. Come up with a few different routines that are quick and effective. You don't have to stick to the same makeup everyday--spice it up and try different things once in a while! Some things work better for different people, and it totally depends on the type of work environment you are in. As long as you are comfortable and found a way to apply it quickly without having to rush to work, you're golden.

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