Winter Outfits

The weather's getting colder so it's time to start bundling up and piling on those layers. With different layers, you can mix and match, creating a variety of styles depending on the look you want to go for. 

Sweaters are a must-have winter item for your wardrobe. Wear your knit sweater with jeans, boots, and an infinity scarf. The Insight, Shadows Crew Knit to the left if perfect to wear in the winter. Throw a pea coat over it and you're ready to go out and stay warm. Or even a light jacket would go well with this sweater.

You can also wear sweaters over skirts and tights. Or if you have a cute dress that you love, you can wear the sweater over the dress and have the bottom peek out like a skirt. Or do the opposite! Try wearing a sweater or long sleeve shirt under your summer dresses with a scarf and beanie. It's the perfect way to convert your summer outfits to winter ones. I love skirts and dresses with tights for winter outfits. They look super cute with cardigans and heels or boots. The Cameo, Karma Killer skirt (right) would look adorable with black tights, a button up blouse, and boots. Spice it up with some jewelry, like a long necklace and bracelets. 

You can also wear your favorite pair of shorts with tights and boots. Dress shorts or jean skirts work really well with tights, depending on the look you want. Either way, you can experiment with all sorts of different layers for the winter; don't think you're limited to just jeans and bulky jackets! Winter outfits can be just as fun as summer ones, you just have to find what works best for your style.

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